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Welcome to Shanghai Jiao Tong University(上海交通大学)

Since its adoption of the reform and opening up policy in China, SJTU has taken the lead in the management system reform in the institutions of higher learning, thus regaining its vigor and vitality as well as momentum for rapid growth as never seen before. A number of its disciplines have been advancing towards the world's first-class level, such as communication and electronic system, naval architecture and ocean engineering, automatic control, composite materials, and metal plasticity processing. A batch of burgeoning branches of learning have occupied an important position in the country, such as Large-scale integrated circuit, computer science, optical fiber technology, systems engineering.


Today SJTU boasts 20 academic schools: the schools of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical & Power Engineering, Electronics & Electric Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Sciences, Life Science and Technology, Humanities a..View more

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IMBA 国际工商管理 Master's Degree RMB80000/Y Details
Chinese Language Training 汉语培训 Non-Degree RMB9900/S Details

Welcome to study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University(上海交通大学)