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Xinxiang Medical University is one under provincial administration, who has been in operation since 1950 and ratified to grant both bachelor degree and master degree by the authorities. Now there are 14 departments, which cover medicine, literature, science, technology, management and so on with 18 undergraduate specialities or majors. 20 specialities are granted to give master degree. It has 8 research institutes, 1 research center, 6 professional research departments, 2 central laboratories, 116 teaching and research departments and 16 teaching laboratories; 3 affiliated hospitals, 40 teaching and practice hospitals; 2 key provincial specialities, 4 key provincial medical specialities and 3 provincial characteristic clinics.

The university campus covers 1.158 million m2 , among which architectural areas are 73.07 million m2 . The teaching equipment is worth 69.19 million Yuan RMB. A modern library was built with about 97.27 thousand books, facilitated with an exchange platform among 110 academic organizations from both domestic and foreign libraries. An anatomic specimen museum was built and collected around a thousand specimens. At present the University has over 700 professional teachers, among whom there are over 200 professors or associate professors, experts who are national middle-young great contributors, national candidates of “New Century Project for Training Hundreds of Thousands of Persons with Ability and Innovation”, excellent experts enjoying State Council's subsidy. There are over 20 excellent specialists, professors and teachers respectively at the level of province and state, 5 engaged academicians and Yangtze scholars.

Totally there are over 20000 students including undergraduates, postgraduates, adult education students and foreign students. And an affiliated college with private aid, named San Quan College of Xinxiang Medical University with over 2000 students.

The university has four medical journals issued publicly to domestic and abroad: Journal of Xinxiang Medical University, Journal of Ophthalmic Recent Advances, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of Clinical Psychosomatic Diseases.

The university has established a good relationship with over 10 foreign universities or colleges and education institutions from America, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Nepal and so on.

Welcome to study at Xinxiang Medical University(新乡医学院)