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Yangtze University is a comprehensive institution of higher learning with the strong supports from both China Central Government and Hubei Provincial Government. Hubei Province gives its priority to run the institution. China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Hubei Provincial People’s Government also work together to develop Yangtze University.


Yangtze University is located in the famous ancient historic and cultural city of Jingzhou, China and it has a teaching and research campus in Wuhan City, the Capital of Hubei Province. The university campuses cover an area of 251 hectares with floor space of 1,246,600 square meters. Its fixed assets are totally worth CNY 1.8 billion yuan. The university has 3,149 faculty members, of whom 2,139 are full time teachers. Among these teachers, there are 1,027 professors and associate professor, and 1,243 teachers have obtained their doctorates or master’s degree. There are 2 “part-time academicians”, 1 specially employed expert from the Hubei Province 100 Scholars Plan, 16 specially invited professors from the Chutian Scholars Project. Besides, Yangtze University has 1 teacher who won the prize of University Outstanding Young Teacher from the Ministry of Education, China, 3 national excellent teachers and 3 Hubei famous teachers, and 61 experts receiving special grants from Central and Provincial Governments with their outstanding contribution.


Yangtze University has 1 postdoctoral research station, 8 doctoral programs, and 109 master’s programs. The university has been entitled to admit outstanding undergraduates for master’s degree without attending entrance examination. It also has the right of independent admission of undergraduate students. The university offers 83 undergraduate programs covering 10 disciplines, specifically economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and management. Its full-time student body is about 34,000, including postgraduates, undergraduate students, three years students and international students.


There are 22 key disciplines at provincial and ministerial level, 26 key laboratories, engineering technology research centers and experimental teaching demonstration centers at national and provincial level on its campuses. Yangtze University has 6 national unique disciplines, 3 national excellent courses, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, 2 national teaching teams, 44 provincial excellent courses and quality courses. The university is prestigious and characteristic in the research fields of petroleum science and technology, agricultural science and technology, and Jingchu culture. In the 11th five-year plan period (2006-2010), its research funds totally reached 785 million yuan and the university won 2 national science and technology awards and 85 provincial science and technology awards.


Since 1930s, the institution has cultivated more than 270 thousand professional talents of various kinds, among whom there are many famous elites working in scientific, political and business circles, such as Wang Tieguan who is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gui Shiyong who is former Director of the Policy Research Center of State Council, Zhang Dinghua who is former Party Secretary of National Trade Union, Wang Shengtie and Song Yuying who are former Chairman of the Hubei People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Yongyi who is Chairman of the Board of Supervision of Large and Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises of the State Council, Liao Yongyuan who is Deputy General Manager of China National Petroleum Corporation, Ding Fanrong who is the President of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Zhakar who is Vice President of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. In recent years, the annual employment rate of its graduates remains above 95%. Yangtze University won excellent in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2007. It has been judged as Hubei Best Civilized Unit many times.


Yangtze University insists on running with opening up policy. It has established cooperative relations with 40 domestic oil companies and 82 local governments at or above the county level. It has been appointed as Demonstrative Institution of Cooperative Education in China. It also successively established academic partnerships with 34 foreign universities and carries out such activities as exchange of faculty and students, joint research and seminars with international universities and institutions from 39 countries and regions.


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