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Welcome to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology(浙江科技学院)

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology attaches great importance to scientific research. A variety of research institutes have been established including Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Bio Engineering, Functional Material, Information Technology and Automation Engineering, Computer Application Technology, Architectural Design, Structure Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Design and Creativity, Industrial Engineering, Dye and Pigment. And there are two other technology centers, namely, the Digital-controlled Process Technology Center and the Analysis and Testing Center. By strengthening incentive mechanisms and improving the management of scientific research and generally encouraging the teachers to engage in scientific research, a well qualified research team has come into being.


Furthermore, in recent years, the recruitment of new teachers with higher degrees or those recruited from high level positions greatly enhanced the university’s research capability. Teachers with senior ranks of professor or above account for 30..View more

Welcome to study at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology(浙江科技学院)