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Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade Fuzhou


School ProfileLocated at Changle City, a gateway to Fuzhou, a historical city and a seaside culture center, Fuzhou Univeity of International Studies and Trade was established and funded by Fuzhou Yingte Investment Group Co., Ltd. and its Chairman Mr... View details->

    Guangdong Medical University Guangzhou


    Guangdong Medical Univeity, whose predecessor was Zhanjiang Branch of Sun Yat-Sen Medical College, was established in 1958 and upgraded in 1964 as a five- year medical college named Zhanjiang Medical College. The college was officially renamed Guangd.. View details->

      Harbin Far East Institute of Technology Harbin


      Harbin Far East Ititute of Technology was founded in 1994. It was formerly known as Far East College of Harbin Univeity of Science and Technology. In March 2012, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as an independent undergraduate college. Ov.. View details->

        Hebei Finance University Hebei


        Hebei Finance Univeity(HFU) was founded in 1952 and affiliated to People’s Bank of China, was put under the administration of Hebei Province and spoored by both state and provincial government in 2000, then it became the sole univeity characterized b.. View details->

          Hunan Institute of Science and Technology Hunan


          Hunan Ititute of Science and Technology (HNIST) is a provincial undergraduate univeity, which is well known for science and engineering subjects as well as the balanced development of science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management, law, ed.. View details->

            Minnan Normal University Fujian


            【DEVELOPMENT SITUATION】 Minnan Normal Univeity is one of the leading univeities in Fujian Province. The Univeity is located in Zhangzhou City which is in the south-east of Fujan Province. The city is famous for its history and culture and known as.. View details->

              Hangzhou Normal University Hangzhou


              Hangzhou Normal Univeity (HNU) is now developing into a compreheive univeity, with a comparatively complete coverage over the subjects of teacher-training and other fields. As one of the earliest univeities qualified by the Ministry of Education of C.. View details->

              • Science & Engineering (42)
              • Education (38)
              • Literature & Art (28)

              Xidian University Xian


              Xidian Univeity is a key national univeity under the Ministry of Education of China. It focuses primarily on electronics and information education and research, and also offe a wide range of academic subjects covering engineering, science, management.. View details->

              • Science & Engineering (82)
              • Economics & Management (15)
              • Education (6)

              Zhejiang Normal University Jinhua


              The main campus of Zhejiang Normal Univeity (ZJNU) is located at the cultural historical city of Jinhua in the central part of Zhejiang Province. The city links Shanghai and Hangzhou to the north, and Guangdong and Fujian provinces to the south. The .. View details->

              • Science & Engineering (4)
              • Economics & Management (3)
              • Education (1)

              North China University of Technology Beijing


              NCUT (North China Univeity of Technology) is located in the western part of Beijing City and situated at the foot of picturesque Xishan Hills with traffic facilities and pleasant environment.NCUT is founded in 1946 and in 1985 it was renamed North Ch.. View details->

              • Science & Engineering (26)
              • Economics & Management (8)
              • Literature & Art (7)

              Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin


              Harbin Ititute of Technology (HIT) was founded in 1920. From its beginning, HIT has received preferential support from the central government. In 1954, the Ministry of Higher Education designated, for the fit time, six national key univeities. HIT wa.. View details->

              • Science & Engineering (198)
              • Economics & Management (40)
              • Law & Philosophy (10)

              University of Science and Technology Liaoning Liaoning


              The Univeity of Science and Technology Liaoning (USTL) was established in 1948 and was one of China’s earliest metallurgical higher ititutio. The univeity has developed into a national compreheive univeity with a main focus on technology. It of.. View details->

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