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Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU), a key provincial university of Hunan with a beautiful campus of 2.27 square kilometers, is situated in Furong District of Changsha. The beautiful scenery of Liuyang River and Lake Donghu, the fresh air, and tranquil surroundings enlisted the university as a member of the provincial garden-like organizations.
HUNAU was established in 1951 on the basis of two colleges: the Agricultural College of Hunan University and the Hunan Provincial Xiuye Agricultural and Forestry College, and was called Hunan Agricultural College. It was not renamed Hunan Agricultural University until 1994.
In the 21st century, the leading group of HUNAU unite the staff members to go all out in work in unison with new thoughts and concepts, try to speed up the pace of reform and development. As results, the scale of HUNAU was greatly expanded, the teaching condition was obviously improved, and the integrated power was increasingly enhanced. A series of rewards and symbolic achievements were also acquired by HUNAU.
After more than half century's development, HUNAU has evolved from an agriculture-oriented teaching organization into an integrated university. In 1978, HUNAU started to grant degrees of master. In 1987, it began to grant degrees for doctors. And in 1995, the post-doctoral scientific study and research station was established in this university. HUNAU enrolls the students from all over the country. Today, more than 50,000 students from 31 provinces study here, including 24,000 undergraduates, 26,000 adult-education students, 3000 masters and doctors. During the past fifty-five years, HUNAU has cultivated more than 100,000 elites for our society.
The university runs Agricultural College, Gardening and Horticultural College, College of Plant Protection Science & Technology, College of Animal Science and Technology, College of Food Science And Technology, College of Engineering, College of Resources and Environment Protection, College of Sciences, College of Economy and Management, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Foreign Languages Institution, Computer and Information Science Institution. College of Vocational Technique Education, College of Adult Education, Oriental College of Science & technology, International College, College of Biological Science & Technology, and so on. These 20 Colleges grant bachelor degrees in 60 specialties, junior college education degrees in 9 specialties, master degrees in 67 specialties, doctor’s degrees in 42 specialties. What's more, it has 5 post-doctoral research stations, 1 ministerial level key subject, 4 provincial key laboratories and 1 national key base of professional training for teachers.
At present, HUNAU owes 1127 teachers, 1 engineering academician, 157 doctor tutors, 432 masters tutors, 234 professors and 515 association professors. Among them, 4 teachers were awarded the title of National Outstanding Experts, 63 were the experts receiving government special allowance and 18 were awarded as the provincial excellent experts.
Since the ninth "Five-Year" developing period, HUNAU has obtained 182 prizes, 13 of them were the state level prizes, 169 were the ministerial or provincial level prizes. 54 new agricultural varieties were bred here. In recent years, HUNAU undertakes over 145 scientific research item of state level and 918 items of provincial level. Today, the university has 16 enterprises of sole proprietorship or proprietorship. Their total capital reaches 40 million Yuan, and the annual income amount to 109 million Yuan.
HUNAU has been expanding its international exchanges continuously, and has set up close relation with more than ten countries, such as, Britain, America, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Italia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, etc. And it also has firm cooperation with Nova Scotia Agricultural College of Canada, Agricultural Department of Kagoshima University of Japan, Royal University of Technology of Thailand. From 1998, HUNAU was granted to receive foreign students. In 2002, HUNAU start to send the exchange undergraduate study or trained abroad.
During the fast developing period, HUNAU sticks to the policy of serving socialist economic construction, agriculture and the peasants. With training talents as the core of its work, it carries on the school spirit of being honest, diligent, practical and creative to deepen its reform of education. The structure of its specialties is rationalized, emphasis is laid on its distinguished specialties, management of education is enhanced, talent quality is raised, great success has been made. On the other hand, HUNAU develops itself not only in a wider range of specialties including agriculture, engineering, liberal art, sciences, economics, management, law and pedagogy but also at all levels such as graduate education and adult education, while with undergraduate education as its main task. Teaching and learning quality has been steadily improved in recent years and a great number of hi-quality talents have been trained here.

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