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Welcome to Hunan Agricultural University(湖南农业大学)

Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU), a key provincial university of Hunan with a beautiful campus of 2.27 square kilometers, is situated in Furong District of Changsha. The beautiful scenery of Liuyang River and Lake Donghu, the fresh air, and tranquil surroundings enlisted the university as a member of the provincial garden-like organizations.   HUNAU was established in 1951 on the basis of two colleges: the Agricultural College of Hunan University and the Hunan Provincial Xiuye Agricultural and Forestry College, and was called Hunan Agricultural College. It was not renamed Hunan Agricultural University until 1994.   In the 21st century, the leading group of HUNAU unite the staff members to go all out in work in unison with new thoughts and concepts, try to speed up the pace of reform and development. As results, the scale of HUNAU was greatly expanded, the teaching condition was obviously improved, and the integrated power was increasingly enhanced. A series of rewards and symbolic achievements were also acquired by HUNAU.   After more than half century's development, HUNAU has ..View more

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Welcome to study at Hunan Agricultural University(湖南农业大学)