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A Brief Introduction to Liaoning Shihua University

Originally founded in Dalian in 1950 as the first petroleum school of New China, Liaoning Shihua University is located in Fushun, a neighboring city to Shenyang. Overlooking the scenic banks of the Hunhe River, Liaoning Shihua University enjoys a beautiful campus environment. In 1953, the school relocated to Fushun and in 1958 was upgraded to Fushun Petroleum Institute, which was under the direct leadership of China Petrochemical Corporation. In February 2000, its leadership was transferred to the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, in light of the management system of “simultaneous construction by central and local governments, with the local government playing a more prominent role”. In October of the same year, Fushun Coal Industry School was incorporated into Fushun Petroleum Institute. In February 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Fushun Petroleum Institute was renamed as Liaoning Shihua University. Within the 62 years of its establishment, Liaoning Shihua University has produced more than 80,000 graduates, most of whom are now undertaking leading roles in management and technology at various levels in such fields as petroleum, petrochemical engineering and coal industry.


Since the beginning of the new century, under the leadership of the Party committee and the government of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Shihua University has adhered to the outlook for scientific development and holds firmly the historical opportunity for stepping up on higher education and reinvigorating Liaoning’s old industrial bases and speeding up its development. The university has readjusted its goal and approach of operation for long-term development. With its long-term strategy of “basing the university on its actual conditions”, Liaoning Shihua University endeavors to prioritize its connotation construction. Accordingly, the university strongly promotes its human resources strategy and outward-looking strategies while pressing ahead full force with its educational reform and innovation to achieve a new leap forward with regards to its proficiency and scale of management and education facilities.



The current on-campus student population is 23,430 which includes1,300 graduate students, 16,200 undergraduates, 3,200 vocational school students, 1,900 continuing education students and 830 ethnic minority students. By the year 2006, after three years of unremitting efforts, the university’s construction area has reached 247,000 square meters. The new campus, which integrates the previous campus, takes on a brand new up-to-date look. It is manifested in the university’s first-class teaching and research facilities such as the new library, learning buildings characteristic of multimedia classrooms, laboratories, stadiums, e-reading rooms, language laboratories, computer rooms along with high-speed broadband campus-wide networks. Currently, there are 112 basic and specialized laboratories, 49 multimedia classrooms and language laboratories, 3200 pieces of medium and large-sized teaching and research equipment. The university covers an area of 127 hectares with a built-up area of 628,000 square meters. The campus library has a total collection of 2.546 million books (including 1.397 million e-books). Also, the university has enhanced housing conditions for its staff by building 150,000 square meters of apartments, in addition to the previous 20,000 square meter apartments for professors and PhDs.


Disciplinary Optimization

As of 2005, the university promulgated the disciplinary construction guideline to highlight characteristics, prioritize development, boost cross-disciplinary development, and enhance innovation, making the best of the provincial government’s efforts to enlarge and strengthen its petrochemical industry as well as Fushun City’s development strategy of establishing a Petrochemical City in northern China. In this light, on the basis of its previous engineering schools of petrochemical, mechanical and information, the university has launched the opening of petroleum engineering, chemical materials, environment, and computer schools, among others. Thus, a key code-led disciplinary group has been established which embraces petrochemical, petroleum engineering, materials science, environmental biology, chemical machinery, control engineering, information engineering, economic management and others, in order to keep abreast of the overall social and economic development. To date, there are altogether 20 schools on campus which include Petrochemical, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Chemical and Materials, Environmental and Biological, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Control, Computers and Communications, Economic Management, Mathematics, Foreign Studies, Marxism, Physical, Vocational Shunhua Energy, Continuing Education, Education Experimental, International Education, Ethnic Education, Postgraduate School and the Yingkou University Park ( the sub-campus of Liaoning Shihua University). Currently the university possesses two provincial high-level key disciplines, three provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial priority-funded disciplines, 15 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology centers, 4 provincial tertiary innovation teams, 2 joint PhD programs, 12 first-grade discipline master programs, 46 second-grade discipline master programs, 11 engineering degree and business administration master programs, 50 undergraduate programs, and 26 vocational specialties. The university has also been designated by the Ministry of Education as the sole basic training base for high-level ethnic minority talent education as well as the training base for the undergraduate preparatory programs for ethnic students from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Furthermore, the university has been named the nurturing base for short-supplied talents in the field of petrochemical industry. Liaoning Shihua University has developed into a multidisciplinary university characterized by petroleum and petrochemical engineering with well coordinated seven disciplines of engineering, sciences, economics, management, humanities, law, and education.


Continuous Faculty Improvement

 The university has established a stable, well-structured and professionally qualified faculty team. In 2005, the university initiated “Postgraduate and Doctoral Project” (teachers with master’s degree under 45 to obtain a doctorate within 5 years, and teachers with bachelor’s degree under 45 to get a master's degree within 5 years) and “Project 151” (training and recruiting 10 leading talents, 50 academic leaders, and 100 backbone teachers in teaching and research). The university held its First Conference on “Talent Work” in May 2007 for further emancipation of the mind and changing concepts, and launched a comprehensive reform of the personnel system with the theme of “idea, mentality, quality and feature” to push forward the development of faculty structure for quality, efficiency, co-ordination at a high-level. The university currently has 949 full-time teachers, among whom 40.77% hold senior professional titles, 75.23% with master’s degree, and 197 are master and doctorate tutors. Eleven teachers enjoy special government allowances, 16 faculty members are among the national and provincial Hundred-thousand-myriad Talents Project, and 62 teachers are recognized respectively as the state-level or province/ministry-level science and technology experts, academic leaders and excellent backbone educators.


Growing Scientific Research Achievements

The university has made great research achievements in basic theory, applied technology and the promotion of technological innovation in enterprises. In the past five years, the university has undertaken a total of more than 550 research projects at national, provincial and municipal levels, received 46 awards for science and technology of national, provincial and municipal grades. Research proceeds exceed 150 million Yuan, patent applications have reached 110 items (including 56 invention patents). The university staff also attended 82 international academic conferences. It has published 196 works and textbooks and 2714 academic papers in core journals, of which 582 articles were embodied by SCI, EI, SCIE, and ISTP. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Science and Technology, LHSU is ranked respectively 170 and 140 among colleges and universities across China on an average basis of SCIE and EI papers collection for the past five years. The university has also set up 22 provincial, 18 municipal alumni association chapters and the LSHU Alumni Federation. It has also signed a comprehensive collaborative agreement for production, teaching and research with the municipal governments of Fushun, Yingkou, Panjin and more than 10 large-scale petrochemical enterprises. We have made joint efforts with Fushun Municipality to build an IT center, a fine chemical research and development center, a new energy research and development center, and established a joint-laboratory for petroleum & chemical with Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals.


Humanities and social sciences research has achieved marked results. The university established two provincial institutes — Liaoning Province Lei Feng Spirit Research Center and Liaoning Province Social Stability Research Center, and a public opinions research base in Liaoning Province. We have successfully held two provincial sessions of Lei Feng Spirit Forum, received a number of national and provincial awards for scientific research in maintaining social stability and promoting Lei Feng Spirit. The university publishes Journal of Petrochemical Universities and Journal of Liaoning Shihua University, two science and technology core journals.


Achievements in Teaching

Teaching quality has been improved steadily. The university gives priority to talent cultivation, with a mode to produce graduates of “virtuous and compound qualities based on solid rudiments, extensive professional knowledge, high quality and strong ability”, a flexible credit system, dual-degree system, Lei Feng Spirit demonstration classes, theory classes, experimental classes for teaching reform and other education reform initiatives that focus on cultivating students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. The university has established four national special feature majors, two provincial special feature majors, a provincial major for comprehensive reform experiment, three provincial-level experimental demonstration centers, fifteen provincial quality courses, eight provincial-level teaching teams, and won 20 Education Teaching Achievement Awards.


The university has established a long-term mechanism to ensure the quality of teaching by actively promoting quality-improvement construction, implementing the Teaching Accident Identification and Punishment and Student' Academic Warning and Aid System. This empowers teaching supervisors and student information assistants to conduct college teaching and performance evaluation and intensify inspection of the teaching process, teaching order, teaching style and examination rules


The university also encourages students to participate in faculty research projects, actively carry out disciplinary contests and extracurricular activities for scientific and technological innovation and practice through setting up science and technology societies among on-campus students. There are also the Students Innovation Fund, a special financial assistance for technology-disciplinary contests, and building scientific and technological activities platforms, open laboratories, innovation laboratories and off-campus practice bases.


In the past three years, LSHU students have won 211 national awards and 176 provincial awards in academic competition and technological innovation activities. With the advantage of extensive knowledge, strong ability, and comprehensive quality, graduates from this university enjoy a universal welcome among their employers. For six consecutive years, the employment rate of the graduates has always been maintained at over 90%, ranking the forefront of the colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, and the university was awarded Advanced Graduate Employment Work Unit in the province.


Colorful Campus Culture

This university actively advocates the principle of educating and cultivating talents with Lei Feng Spirit, developing a strong campus culture, creates an atmosphere of innovation and personnel training. The LSHU motto of “perseverance and sincerity”, Lei Feng Spirit and the model teacher Lu Yongjie’s devotion to students have become a powerful spiritual force nurturing the growth and success of both teachers and students. With emphasis on the “Two Courses” (Marxist theory and ideological and political education), the operation of “Lei Feng Spirit Online” website, the Lecture Room, Students Culture and Arts Festival and Sports Culture Festival, LSHU student body meticulously organizes campus societal activities for its students. These activities have broadened the scope of the participants and improved their ethical and moral integrity. The Students Art Troupe was selected as National Excellent Student Societies; Students’ Social Learning activities were given Liaoning Province Ideological and Political Education Quality Activities award. Lei Feng Spirit Model class and Students Association of Lei Feng Spirit Theory and Practice were both awarded titles of honor by Liaoning Province. The “Lei Feng Spirit Online” website won the Ideological and Political Education Innovation Award of Liaoning Province. The distinguished style of university administration of Lei Feng’s “Five-As" Spirit (a spirit of a persistent nail — commitment to post; a spirit of a burning flame — unselfish dedication; a spirit of a drop of water — solidarity and cooperation; a spirit of an adaptable brick — common laborer capacity; a spirit of a green leaf — gratitude to the motherland) was granted the Outstanding Achievement Award for Campus Culture Construction of the province. Student sports activities such as the distinctive sports teams in football, fencing, orienteering, badminton, table tennis and dragon boat racing have flourished, among which fencing, badminton and the Dragon Boat are recognized as high-level professional sports teams. In the past three years, students won 19 national awards and 13 provincial awards in various athletic competitions.


Progressing International Exchanges and Cooperation

This university has established long-term partnerships with 20 universities and research institutes in 10 countries, including the United States, Russia, Britain and Egypt. Joint-education programs"2+2", "1+2+1 "," 4+1 "and other collaborative education projects are in smooth operation with The University of Edinburgh and other oversea well-known universities. So far 12 groups of LSHU students have gone to the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Belgium and France for study. In 2007, the university successfully held a large-scale collaboration forum themed “Opportunities and Collaboration for Energy Industry” with universities and research institutions from Russia and other CIS countries, among which there were five universities and four research institutions.


In 2009, the university successfully organized the Collaboration Forum themed “Sino-Russian Energy Industry Co-operation under Financial Crisis” with CNPC and four universities from Russia. In 2010, the university worked with the Liaoning Provincial Science Association for an international forum on Development of Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry: Opportunities and Strategies under Low-carbon Economy, attended by principals from more than 30 universities from home and abroad. The university has also set up the School of International Education to strengthen the compound development of overseas students, majors of Chinese as a foreign language and majors of Russian and other foreign languages, and takes the initiative to produce compound talents for the overseas development strategy of petroleum and petrochemical industry. The university also hires foreign experts and teachers and dispatches several teachers abroad for academic studies annually. These exchange visits and collaborative research have effectively contributed to the enhancement of the overall level of teaching and research.


In 2007, the university was honored with “excellence” by the Ministry of Education in Undergraduate Teaching Proficiency Assessment and in 2010 it was rewarded the National May Day Labor Award and National Model Unit for Building Workers Professional Ethics awards. During the past five years, the university has been granted the Advanced Party Committee, Model Unit for Law-governed Management of University Affaires, Model Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction, Advanced Unit for Democratic Management, Safe Campus Liaoning Province, National Model Unit for Greening, Excellent Work Unit for Graduates Employment, National Advanced Unit or College Energy-saving Work, and National Advanced Unit for Student Loans Service awards by Liaoning Provincial Government and the Department of Education of Liaoning Province.


In March 2010, the university successfully made available a joint-effort with Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which has brought new opportunities for further development on a new platform.


On September 25, 2010, the university successfully celebrated its 60th anniversary. Present at the grand occasion were state leaders of the country, government representatives from all levels, industries and enterprises, and various circles of society were in attendance. Also present were more than 1200 VIPs and overseas alumni. The university received millions in donations and the celebration event was reported by 32 major news media nation wide, which stimulated great pride and cohesion among the faculty staff, students and alumni all over the world. It enhanced LSHU’s popularity, reputation and influence both at home and abroad and laid a solid foundation for future development of the university.


In the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, enriched with hope and challenges, all staff members and students in Liaoning Shihua University will be further filled with confidence, sparing no efforts to make the university more prosperous. It will advance with the times, and turn into an even higher-level teaching-research oriented university with its own advantages and special features. With its roots in Liaoning Province, branching across the whole country, it serves petroleum and petrochemical industries and local economic and social development, targets the highest level of teaching and research with strong comprehensive strength and competitive forces. We are aiming to be in the first class university group in Liaoning Province and globally renowned.

Welcome to study at Liaoning Shihua University(辽宁石油化工大学)