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International Economics andTrade Program
This project aims to overseas students which study in China, in order cultivating an open international vision and a broad academic background. These students can proficiency master the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of international economic and trade, understand the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of contemporary China. These students can easily competent the work in foreign foreign-owned enterprises and government departments. They are able to participate in and promote the "application-oriented, innovative and internationalized" high-caliber specialized talents in the friendly cooperative relations between China and its host countries.


The students in this subject mainly study the basic theory of Chinese Mandarin, Economics, Management, learn the basic skills of International Economic and Trade. The students is qualified to work in the field of  international economy.The main courses in this project included Economics, Management, Statistics, International Trade, International Marketing, Finance, International Business Law and Cross-border E-commerce, etc.

Please note: all documents should be in English or Chinese.scanned copy of documents is acceptable.

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