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College of Liberal Arts文学院
List of Subjects
1 Chinese Language & Literature (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Theory of Literature & Arts (Master)   Apply
3 Chinese Language & Literature (Master)   Apply
4 Ancient Chinese Literature (Master)   Apply
5 Chinese Contemporary Literature (Master)   Apply
6 Chinese Contemporary Literature (Doctor)   Apply
7 Ancient Chinese Literature (Doctor)   Apply
The college was founded on December, 1978. It is renamed as College of Liberal Arts after the establishment of Shanghai University on 1983.
There are 112 faculty members, including 85 professors and associate professors. Currently the college has a student body of over 1000 undergraduates and over 600 graduates.
Departments of the college are divided into Department of Chinese Language & Literature, History Department, Sociology Department, Department of Archives, Management Department and Department of Chinese Culture Study. The SU College of Liberal Arts offers five undergraduate programs in Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, History, Sociology and Archives Management; four master’s programs in Chinese Language and Literature, History, Sociology and Library, Information and Archives Management; five PhD programs in Sociology, Anthropology, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature and Modern Chinese History. Specializations available for graduate students enrolled in 2006 master’s programs range from Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Theory of Literature and Art, History on special topics, Ancient Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Sociology, Anthropology, Folklore Study and Archives.
The faculty has won as many as 50 awards for state or local research projects in the field of liberal arts. The college is undertaking a total of over 50 research projects, either of international or intercollegiate cooperation type, or sponsored by the state or the municipal government for social science research and planning.
The college focuses on the basic theoretical research of literature, history and sociology. It has established academic exchange and co-operative programs with many universities and academic research institutes in more than 10 countries.
Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Application time
The application time is from March to June.
Requirement for Admission
For the students who intend to apply for the bachelor degree, they must prepare the certificate and score report of high school, HSK Level 6.
For the master and doctor students, they should particularly prepare two recommendation letters. 
Tuition Fees

Application fee
Undergraduate programs
RMB 410
RMB 19,800
Postgraduate programs
RMB 410
RMB 24,700
Doctoral programs
RMB 410
RMB 27,200

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