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Accommodation & Transportation
The international students’ dormitory consists of four apartment buildings linked together, named Building V and Building Z & W, which started using in the year of 2001, 2006 & 2008. With 186 rooms & 280 rooms in which there are 259 beds & 360 beds, the building can accommodate 245 & 360 students.
Staff members are particularly assigned to take the responsibility of the security and service 24 hours a day. Boiled water is available. All the rooms are well furnished and equipped and look neat and beautiful. Each building has its own elevator except Z & W building. Life turns out to be convenient. There is a laundry room with pre-paid washing machines in each building and a mini-shop only in V building selling foods and articles for the daily life for the convenience of international students.
The price of V building is from RMB25 to 60/day/person.
The price of Z&W Building is from RMB 35 to 70/day/person.
How to get to the university
From shanghai Pudong Airport
First the students can take Airline Bus NO.5 to Shanghai Railway Station and then take Subway NO.1 to get off at Yanchang Road, where the Yanchang campus of Shanghai University is located.
From Yangzhou Railway Station
The students had better take Subway NO.1 to the Yanchang Road.

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