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Our university is chosen to be Shanghai Education Commission “Shanghai superior legal talent training base”


Recently, Shanghai Education Commission published Notice on shanghai Education Commission publishing name list of “Shanghai superior legal talent training base” confirmed to approve 15 training bases in cluding East China University of Politics and Law, 6 from which is “Superior legal talents training base”, and the rest 9 is “Foreign superior legal talent training base”. Our university succeeded in both selections

"Shanghai superior legal talent training base" is an important measure for Shanghai Education Commission to carry on ministration of education, central political and legislative committee’s suggestions about perform superior legal talent training and education plan, and further deepen the reform of Shanghai higher legal education and teaching. The training base is divided into two construction categories of “Superior legal talents training base” and “Foreign superior legal talent training base”. The selcted plan of our university’s “Superior legal talents training base” is aimed at training legal talents who posseses relevant knowledge in subjects of economic and management, attaches importance to inside or out side campus practical teaching and Financial literacy formation, strengthen Law practice training; and selcted plan of our university’s “Foreign superior legal talent training base” is aimed at training foreign superior legal talent, focuses on interntional discipline setting, international exchange and cooperation, overseas study and internship and so on.

The two bases construction cycle are 4 years, sayly from Oct. 2012 to Sept. 2016. The Notice of Shanghai Education Commission reqires units who set up project according to the plan declared and rely on university discipline characteristic to explore and innovate legal talents training mechanism, deepen the reform of legal education and teaching, educate more applied and compounded legal talents

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