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Chinese Zither Training Course in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This Koto training course aims at helping you to master the basic skills of playing Koto and enjoy the fun of playing Chinese traditional musical instrument.

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As we all known, national music plays an important part in Chinese traditional art. Thus different musical instruments have attracted more and more foreigners’ attention. When referring to learn to play Chinese zither, professional Chinese zither training course would be your first choice.
Training Objects
Foreign friends above 16 years old who are interested in playing Chinese zither and want to improve personal artistic accomplishment.
Training Objectives
1. Improvement of learners’ temperament and artistic accomplishment
2. Skillful performing skills for Chinese zither
3. Accurate appreciation ability for famous Chinese zither compositions
Training Contents
1. Theoretical knowledge of Chinese zither such as history and historical development
2. Basic training for performing skills including sitting position and gestures for playing Koto, with the finger gestures as the most important part.
3. Practice of playing Chinese zither songs arranged by our teachers or chosen by learners themselves.
Training Materials
There will be three books for flute training chosen by our experienced teachers.
Teacher Resource
Most of our teachers come from top art colleges in China with years’ experience in Chinese zither training of different level.
Course Arrangement
Type of Class
Class length
Price (RMB)
Class Time
One on one
20 classes, for about 4 weeks
100 RMB for per class
Monday to Sunday
(6-8 students)
20 classes, for about 10 weeks
65 RMB for per class
Saturday & Sunday
Note: As to the Chinese zither used in the course, learners can choose to buy one or rent one from us.