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Lute Training Course in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction We provide lute training course in China for foreigners who have interested in Chinese musical instruments and want to master the techniques of playing lute.

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In ancient China, lute is always related with beauty. The elegant shape and smooth tone has also made it a great attraction for foreign friends who are interested in Chinese art.
According to various study plans, we offer elementary course, intermediate and advanced courses for foreign learners to learn to play lute.
Training Objects
Foreign friends above 16 years old who are interested in playing lute and want to improve personal artistic accomplishment through the practice
Training Objectives
1. Improvement of learners’ temperament and artistic accomplishment
2. Skillful performing skills for lute
3. Accurate appreciation ability for famous lute compositions
Training Contents
1. Musical knowledge of lute and its performance
2. Basic performing skills for lute including finger circulating skills for two hands, tuning, etc.
3. Practice for etudes
4. Performing skills for several famous compositions of lute.
Training Materials
There will be three books for lute training chosen by our experienced teachers.
Teacher Resource
Most of our teachers come from top art colleges in China with years’ experience in lute training of different level.
Course Arrangement

Type of Class
Class length
Price (RMB)
Class Time
One on one
20 classes, for about 4 weeks
80 RMB for per class
Monday to Sunday
(2-8 students)
20 classes, for about 10 weeks
60 RMB for per class
Saturday & Sunday

Note: As to the instrument used in the course, learners can choose to buy one or rent one from us.