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Training Courses for Four Major Chinese Cuisines in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This cooking training course in China focuses on the training of four major Chinese cuisines including Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Hubei cuisine.

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We provide this training course for four major Chinese cuisines in China for you to know much more about Chinese traditional cuisine and master the practical skills of cooking some famous representative dishes of these four major Chinese cuisines.
Class Contents
This training course of four major Chinese cuisines is divided into two parts including the theoretical course and practical operation course.
1. Theoretical study of four major Chinese cuisines including history and development
2. Introduction of features and principle of cooking famous Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Hubei cuisine. Some difficult knowledge such as nutrient theory would also be introduced to you.
3. Practical operation class. According to the characteristics of different cuisines, teachers will combine the different type, raw materials and cooking skills & spice of the four Chinese cuisines into various dishes and then teach you to make them according to different flavor.
4. Study of various flavor arrangement, cooking of different seafood and roasted dishes in Cantonese cuisine, the arrangement of different flavor in Sichuan dishes, etc.
Class Size
Class is given in small group class with 10-20 students in one class.
Class Time and Length
Class time: Monday to Sunday (09:00—12:00 for the morning class or 14:00—17:00 for the afternoon class)
Class length: one month
Tuition Fee
4,500 RMB per student (2,500 RMB is for the materials used in the class)
Note: free clothes for your study in the school will be available. You will need to pay for the accommodation and food additionally.