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Peking Opera Cultural Class in Beijing

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Introduction Consisted of five major parts, this cultural class of Peking Opera helps foreign friends to understand the unique culture deposits of Peking Opera through detailed explanation of all-round knowledge of it.

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In this cultural class, we will invite some famous Peking scholars to show you the unique culture deposit behind Peking Opera.
Class Content
Through this cultural class of Peking Opera, we will help you to understand the cultural knowledge of Peking Opera in the following areas:
1) The history of Peking opera, and its development;
2) The main roles in Peking Opera and how they are classified;
3) The different color of the makeup in Peking Opera and the special meaning they represent;
4) The practical skills of pronunciation in Peking Opera and you will be able to have a try;
All the content above would be explained through different materials by our professional teachers for you. Later the scholars that have years’ research in Peking Opera would show you the real skills of Peking Opera.
Class Size
Class is given in small group, with about 5-15 students in one class.
Class Time and Length
Class Time: Class is available on every Saturday or Sunday. There will be one class in one week. Each class lasts for 2 hours.
Class Length: 4 weeks
200 RMB per student