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Tuina Training Course in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction Based on the theoretical knowledge of Tuina, this training course of Tuina in China will enable you to master the general gestures of carrying out Tuina.

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As one of most important traditional Chinese therapies in China, Tuina has also been regarded as an invigorating and relaxing way of restoring and maintaining good health in China.
Teaching Objects
We provide this tuina training course for those foreign learners who are interested in Traditional Chinese therapies.
Class Contents
1. Anthropotomy throretical study.
2. Definition, operation and adaptation diseases of the basic Tuina techniques.
3. Practice of regular Tuina procedure of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
4. Practical operation of basic manipulations in Tuina including pushing, kneading, rolling, grasping, plucking, etc.
5. Useful Tuina treatment of common diseases like headache, insomnia, tension, lumbar strain, acute lumbar sprain, tennis elbow, etc.
Teaching Methods
Theoretical study in the classroom
Clinical training in the hospital
Group Discussion
Interactive Learning
Class Size
Class is given in small group with about 10 students in one group.
Class Time and Length
Class time: Class begins at the beginning of each month
Class length: one month for 120 hours in theoretical and clinical training
Tuition Fee
1000 USD per students (accommodation and food fee should be paid additionally)