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Acupuncture Training Course in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction Through this training course of acupuncture in China, you will master the practical skills of using stitch and needling instrument in acupuncture.

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Acupuncture training course in China will uniquely develop your knowledge, skills and insights of acupuncture in a short period, cultivating your skills as a professional acupuncturist and developing them from your prior life experience.
Teaching Objects
We provide this acupuncture training course for those foreign learners that want to become professional acupuncturist as well as learners who are interested in acupuncture.
Class Contents
1. Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yin-yang and five elements and physiological and pathological process of body.
2. Zang-fu theory, physiological functions of zang-fu organs, and study of differences referring to body physiology and pathology given by TCM and Western medicine.
3. Basic theory of acupuncture and moxibustion, understand running courses of fourteen meridians and corresponding relations with zang-fu organs, distribution rule of twelve regular meridians.
4. Manipulation techniques of four diagnostic methods of TCM and indications of diagnosis.
5. Study of location and indications of points, 120 commonly points including location, indications, clinical application and method.
6. Practical skills of acupuncture techniques such as insertion, manipulation, retaining and withdrawal of needle.
7. Learn to apply the theories that learners have studied to analyze diseases, grasp the diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of 25 commonly seen clinical diseases.
Teaching Methods
Theoretical study in the classroom
Clinical training in the hospital
Group Discussion
Interactive Learning
Class Size
Class is given in small group with about 10 students in one group.
Class Time and Length
Class time: Class begins at the middle of each month
Class length: two months for about 250 hours of theoretical and clinical training.
On completion of the course, certificate will be issued to those who have passed the examinations (middle, final & clinical).
Tuition Fee
2,500 USD per students (accommodation and food fee should be paid additionally)