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Welcome to Yunnan University(云南大学)

Yunnan University, founded in 1923, is one of the oldest universities in China and was put into the

world-known Concise Encyclopedia Britannia as one of the fifteen internationally prestigious universities

in China. Yunnan University has been developing rapidly by availing itself of “Project 211” (100 institutions

of higher education and key disciplinary areas strengthened as a national priority for the 21st century)

membership status.

 Yunnan University receives intensive support from the national government in teaching Chinese as aforeign language and was conferred as one of the ten key institutions that facilitate Chinese teachingin neighboring countries under the guidance of the Office of Chinese Language Council International.The university is one of the few HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) centers for all levels. The university  attaches importance to enhancing the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinesepeople and other peoples of the neighboring countries, and promoting economic and tradecooperation as well as scientific, technological..View more

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Chinese language 汉语培训 Non-Degree RMB11600/Y Details
Chinese language 汉语培训 Non-Degree RMB11600/Y Details

Welcome to study at Yunnan University(云南大学)