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Welcome to Dali University(大理大学)

Dali University is one of the most prestigious institutions in Yunnan province, and it currently hosts over 500 international students from 15 countries who are studying Chinese as a foreign language at the undergraduate and graduate level. For the summer camp and other language and culture experience, we specially designed 2-week and 4 week program to accommodate any level of proficiency, from beginners seeking an accelerated first introduction to the language, to students seeking to major in Chinese at a university. This allows you to settle in and begin your studies at whatever level you find comfortable. The university itself is located in the foothills of the CangshanMountain, overlooking the picturesque city of Dali, just minutes from the center of town. The class time during each session provide you with the opportunity to truly embrace this amazing and intricate language, while the cultural activities make you real experience of traditional China. The program provides you lots optional courses and activities.  

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Welcome to study at Dali University(大理大学)