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Guangdong Conghua Hot Spring Resort (广东从化温泉度假区 )

category:Hot springs region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 118 per person

The serene, bucolic landscape that surrounds the resort offers a plethora of fresh air, green mountains, meandering streams.

Qinghui Garden(清晖园)

category:Landscape gardens region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 15 per person

Qinghui Garden is one of the ten famous gardens in China and one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong Province.

Zhenhai Tower (镇海楼)

category:pavilions and folk-custom buildings region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 6 per person

A magnificent building, it commands a bird's-eye view of the whole city.

Birds' Paradise(小鸟天堂)

category:Romantic Island region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 30 per person

the Birds' Paradise is a well-known ecological traveling scenery and natural birds' enjoyment paradise.

Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park(观音山森林公园)

category:Mysterious nature reserve region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 75 per person

Guanyin Mountain has a long history, quiet environment, pretty view and clear air

Shangchuan Macaque Nature Reserve (上川岛猕猴自然保护区)

category:Romantic Island region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 118 per person

It's the largest island of Guangdong Province, and enjoys the reputation as the “Eastern Hawaii”.

Zhuangyuan Fang Commercial Street(状元坊)

category:Distinctive shopping street region:Guangzhou

The Zhuangyuan Fang attracts numerous visitors by its most fashionable clothes, ornaments, and small articles.