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Mount Huangshan(黄山)

category:Famous China mountains region:Huangshan
Admission fee: CNY 200 (Peak season), CNY 120 (Non peak season)

It is famous for four wonders, namely, odd-shaped pines, craggy rocks, sea of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs.

Hongcun Chengzhitang(宏村承志堂 )

category:pavilions and folk-custom buildings region:Huangshan
Admission fee: CNY 80 (Peak season), CNY 65 (Non-peak season)

The film Crouching Tiger HiddenDragon stunned the world and touched the beauty-loving people with its breathtaking scenes.

Shengjin Lake Nature Reserve (升金湖自然保护区)

category:Mysterious nature reserve region:Huangshan
Admission fee: CNY 30 per person

Shengjin Lake is one of the important Asian Damp Natural Reserves and is called “the Lake of Crane in China”.