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?Welcome to study in Hubei University of Technology!

You will be required to register with the University for each year of your studies in order to:
1. Attend your programme of study
2. Access University facilities including the library and IT services3. Access your student loan (if you have applied for one)
4. Obtain your student card
5. Attend lectures, classes and examinations

In addition to the above new international students from outside China must also provide their passport and valid visa to the University, so that the University can fulfill its sponsor duties.

It is very important that all the stages of registration are completed in order to confirm your status as a student. If you fail to complete registration you will risk not being able to continue with your studies.

General Documents required for registration (some universities might require other additional documents)
1. Original Admission Letter and Visa Application for Study in China (JW 202 form);
2. Original passports and passport copy of page with basic information, arrival date and visa issued by the embassy;
3. Physical examination forms (including the original blood laboratory test reports, X-rays and electrocardiograms).The physical examination can be done in China;
4. 12 personal passport-sized (4.8*3.3cm, white background)

Please Note
Students should enroll in the University within the registration period (specified in the Admission Letter). For some universities, exception can be made to those who has informed the school of their specific reasons and whose delay has been permitted.

For students who hold X visa to China, they are required to get the Residence Permit within 30 days after they enter China. Otherwise, they will be fined 1000RMB per day if their visa expired.

Registration Date
Students for Degree Programs: September 1
Students for Training Courses: Monthly class according to the enrollment

Research Projects or Visiting Scholars:Flexible date discussed bysupervisors and students

Welcome to study at Hubei University of Technology(湖北工业大学)