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Welcome to Hubei University of Technology(湖北工业大学)

Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), whose combination of the old Academic of Agricultural Machinery (est. 1958) and Hubei Institute of Light Industry (est. 1978) received the approval of the State Ministry of Education in May of 1985, is a key multi-discipline university under the direct administration of Hubei province. Emphasizing engineering together with science, literal arts, economics and management and law, HBUT is one of the major players of Hubei's 7th, 8th and 9th Five-Year Educational Development Project.

The university is made up of Nanhu (Southlake) campus (headquarter) and Mafangshan campus (division). Both are located in Wuhan City, which is known throughout china as 'the thoroughfare' to the nine provinces. The two campuses cover a total area of 1600 hectares, including the housing area of over 480,000 square meters. HBUT is equipped with teaching and scientific apparatus worth over 76,274,600 Yuan. It has perfect logistic systems and excellent teaching faculty. Among the current university staff of some 1,055,2 there are 818 full-time instructors,..View more

Welcome to study at Hubei University of Technology(湖北工业大学)