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Hubei University of Technology School of Fine Arts made great achievements in two competition


In final selection of national college students industrial design competition in 2012 ended few days ago, the students work under guide of Hu Yuxia, Deng Weibin and other 3 teahcers from School of Fine Arts, finally won 2 naional first awards, one third prize and 4 honor mention award after serval times of selection.

The national industrial design competition is nationwide college students design competition, which was held by university Steering Committee of Industrial Design Education of National Ministry of Education and Ministry of Eduction in Guangdong. With support from HUT Teaching Affairs Department, School of Fine Arts carefully organized students and teachers to take part in the competition. Through several rounds of selection in national finals, School of Fine Arts finnally got all the two pieces of first prized among the awarded works of Hubei, the works awarded have both originality and applicability, showed good profession standard of School of Fine Arts students and teachers.

The second “ Mainland and Taiwan University Culture and Originality Forum” & “Hengan Cup Mainland and Taiwan University Students Culture and Originality Design Competition” ended successfully at Huaqiao University on 14th ,November. With the guidance of Hu shan, teacher from School of Fine Arts, Student works Between Could and Water by Yu Dafei won “Grand Prix”,  Student works Energy-saving Water Channel won silver award; student Xv Boyang and He Nanqi successively won honor mention and nominee award. In addition, thesis by Hu Shan was selected “University Culture and Originality Forum” excllent thesis.

The cmpetition was hosted by Huaqiao University and Chung Yuan University of Taiwan, and co-hosted Overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council, gathered from whole mainland even Taiwan areas’ 29 universites works of almost thousand, only two universities in Hubei successfully get promoted. The competition selected one Grand Prix, two gold awards, 4 silver awards and six bronze awards. School of Fine Arts student Yu Dafei’s work Between Could and Water takes “Zen thought” as creation origin, highlights Chinese cultural heritage, make “clould” “mountain” “Water” as creation elements, its structure uses the product semantics and ergonomics principle, won all judges’ praise, and finally got Grand Prix

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