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Our University successfully won approval of “ High-end Foreign Experts Project”


Recently, a good new from National Foreign Expert Bureau that “Soil unloading mechanics model and engineering stability study” preject declared by French expet Djimedo.KONDO whom our university appointed has been listed in 2012 “High-end Foreign Experts Project” plan, the professor was appointed as national high-end foreign expert.

"High-end Foreign Experts Project" is a high-end intellegence introducing plan which is specially set up to further carry out central talent strategy, cooperate with performance of “ The Thousand Foreign Experts Plan”, to speed up construction of high-level foreign experts talent team, and to build dynamic and usefulness based high-level foreign experts introducing platform.It is mainly to bring in Non-Chinese scientists leading talents and scientist in key circles of national technology, industry development and disciplines construction. The selection for this project is exceptionally rigorous, those who are selected will get especial support of specific fund from National Foreign Expert Bureau

The approval for this High-end Foreign Experts Project is a symbolic that our university has make a great breakthrough in high-level foreign experts introducing, it is very significant in promoteing our university’s discipline construction, improving our university’s research strength and international reputation and enlarging international cooperation and exchange. 

Djimedo KONDO, Male, born in Togo on Feb. 1959, got Ph.D of civil engineering in French lille university of science and technology in which worked as associate professor from 1989-1997, and he was successively appointed as second and first class professor during 1998 to 2005, since 2010, he has been first professor of The Sixth University of French. From Step. 2008 till now, he is French National Scientific Research Centre ninth division (solid mechanics, material, acoustics) President.  

Djimedo KONDO professor has the very high academic attainments in rock mechanics basic theory,  In the rock mechanics nonlinear analysis field, coupling mathematical mechanics analysis and multi-scale mechanics simulation research field, his research level is in the leading position, a series of research theories in constitutive model he put forward is widely adopted by people in the same filed in globle, has been used in petrol industry, nuclear waste storage and water conservancy and hydropower, etc, and is recognized as academic authority by the public

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