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Hubei University of Technology held foreign distinguished professor appointing ceremony.


On the morning of 2nd , November, Hubei University of Technology foreign distinguished professor appointing ceremony was held in the meeting room on the second floor of administrative buildin. Dean of Japanese food science engineering society,Prof. Xi Cheng Sheng Hao, academician of international food science and technology institute, post-graudate tutor of Osaka Mulicipal University, and Prof. Peter Bennett, director of J P Imaging company, R&D director, chief scientist of orinting materials and technology were appointed as Hubei University of Technology full-time foreign distinguished professors; Post-graduate tutor of University of Hongkong was appointed to be Hubei University of Technology distinguished foreign professor of Hubei province “Chutian Scholars Plan” food science., Direcotr of the university party committtee Prof. Zhou Yingjia, vice presdent Prof. Li Dongsheng, responsible person of the relevant functional departments, person in charge of the Party of School of Mechanical and Light Industry Department and part of the teachers’ representatives attended the appointing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by human resource department dean Xiao Zhiling.


Secretary of party commettee of Hubei University and Technology Prof. Zhou Yingjia on behalf of the university signed foreign distinguished professor contract with Prof. Xi Cheng Sheng Hao , and signed Chutian scholar appoiting contract with Prof. Harold Corke, awarded letters of appointment to Prof. Xi Cheng Sheng Hao and Prof. Harold Corke

On the ceremony, three professors talked about China and friendship with Chinese friend as well as their love of Chinese culture, indicated that it is happy to be a member of Hubei Universiyt of Technology, in the meawhile they apprecated that the university provides sound working and living enviroment, they said that they would make use of unique discipline platform to carry out their post responsibility, enhance international exchange and cooperation, jontly promote the discipline development of their own and make contributions to the construction and development of Hubei University Technology.

Prof. Zhou YIngjia, secretary of the party committee on behalf of the party committee and administration department of the university expressed his sincere thanks and warm welcome to three high level foreign experts. Zhou pointed out that talents resouces was the first resource, high level talent is the most valuable wealth for Hubei University of Technology’s saltatory development. At present, Hubei University of Technology was in a key strategyic opportunity period of transforming from teaching university to teaching and research university, high level talents introducing had remarkable significace in our university talents education and key discipline construction, and it played positive role in promoting our university international strategy. Hubei Universiyt of Technology was vigorously promoting talent strong school strategy, profession directions of School of Mechanical and Light Industry Department iwere one of the most typicals discipline in Hubei University of Technology’s discipline filed, hoped every experts make use of leading positions in their own discipline fileds in accordance with their own research experience and university dvelopmental demands to strengthen international exchange and communication and cotinously improve the discipline constration level. Zhou indicated that Hubei University of Technology would continue improving school running condition, strengthen laboratory team construction and financial support; it was going to provide high level experts with good working platform, created academic first,  loose and free working atmosphere; and it would creatatmosphere of fully respecting the high level talent respected, respect their their customer, provide them with high quality living service. In the end, Zhou hoped they could become close friends of Chinese people even masters of Hubei University of Technology, and sincerely whshed three expertsa happy work, good health and reach achievement



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