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Hubei university of Technology held the sixth bilingual teacher training class graduation ceremony cum the seventh class opening ceremony.


On the afternoon 24th, October, Hubei university of Technology sixth bilingual teacher training class graduation ceremony cum the seventh class opening ceremony was held in No.1 to No.5 multi-function classrooms at training hall. The ceremony was hosted by international exchange and cooperation department, human resource department and teaching affairs office, and was undertaken by international exchange and cooperation department, vice president Dong Shijie was invited to attend the ceremony, human resource department, school of mechanical, school of electrics, school of computer science, school of politics and economics, school of management, school of engineering technology and so on functional departments and The principal person in charge of the college.

Hu Chuanxiong, a teacher from light industry engineering department spoke on behalf of the students of the sixth bilingual class, he talked about what they have learnt and felt in bilingual class as well as his hope for the next term with fluent English, his confidence won the students and leaders praise; while the sixth bilingual class students’ report were more wonderful, their fluent English and experienced performance skill made classic child songs “Hoodwinked” and "Cinderella "played so vivid, the  well-known and high vewing rate TV series “Huanzhu Ge Ge” which makes us can’t help laughing made people feel fresh and new when acted in English. The students’s wonderful performance and idiomatic words showed their solid learning and left a good impression on the audiences present.

In the impassioned music, president Dong awarded graduation certificate to the students of the sixth bilingual class, and sincerely encouraged them to continue to be better and make more contributions to Hubei University bilingual teaching and international cooperation.

Next, president Dong delivered a speech to the seventh training class, he briefly introduced to the guests and students present about situation of HubeiUniversiyt of Technology international cooperative school running, foreign students cultivation and education and financial support for international scientific research projects, put forward his expectation and requirement in Hubei University of Technology current bilingual teachers’ training and reserves, he also discussed and share how to improve English and Englsh learning methods with the students, and urge them that the important thing for language study is perseverance and keep moving.


Li zhu, new trainee of the seventh bilingual training class spoke on behalf of all the trainees, deputy the international exchange and cooperation department deputy dean Long Yan shared encourangement with combining his language learning experience, and put forward requirement for the classroom discipline and attendance.

Mr. Daniel Churchman, an senior foeign teacher from America was also invited to speak on the ceremony.

The whole ceremony is being held with exchange of Chinese and English, and the present atmosphere was warm, and recived enthusiastic responce

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