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HBUT first China-Germany culture exchange summer camp begin


9th July, HBUT first China-Germany culture exchange summer camp begin. Vice president Shijie Dong, person in charge of inernational exchange office, host family parents and teachers’ representatives of Chinese culture class were invited to attend this opening ceremony.


Vice president Dong firstly expressed his warm welcome to 9 students from The German Wuppertal Bayreuth Gymnasium, and his thanks to host family teacher’s selfless dedication. Later, he briefly introduced cooperation with universities and corperationsin Germany, hoped that German student could have ideas and gains when learning, and could have apperception when watching, positively to become Impeller and practitioners of China-German economy and culture coummunication. 


School of Economics and Politics vice president Houquan Sun on behalf of hosted family expressed his warm weclome to students from Germany and wish to strengthen China-German culture exchange; Hui Chen from school of foreign language spoke on behalf of the teachers, Mainly introduces learning methods and related content; Person in charge of international exchange and cooperation office explained summer camp’s rules and notice; students from German spoke one by one to express their thanks for our university’s thoughtful service and colorful classes, and showed their wish that they cherish and takte the opptunity of this summer camp to understand the development of China’s economical society, understand the life of Chinese people , and learn Chinese culture. 


This culture exchange summer camp will last 21 days. In this summer camp, our university tailored Chinese characters, papercutting, ceramic art, Tai Chi, folk music, acupuncture, chinese painting and so on traditional chinese culture courses as well as colorful extracurricular activities, and recruited 9 host families from all staffs in our university to take care the students’ daily liives. Culture exchange is deep involved in all sides of their study and lives. The summer camp is the first time for our university to receive foreign students for short term exchange activity,and it is a innovative work of our university’s intenational exchange project. 


Recently, the summer camp classes and activities are going on orderly, students from Genmany spoke highly of its course course arrangement.

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