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Principal Defu Liu awarded short-term international students from Romania certificates of completion.


On the morning of 29th, September, Principals and professor Defu Liu interviewed Romania short-term exchange students IOAN ANDREI SONEA and awarded him certificates of completion

Subjuect “Chinese Business- Basic etiquette in Business Activities”. This project successfully paseed demonstration and examination, now it concluded.On graduation ceremony, principal Liu encourage him to continue climbing the peak of study and research, actively participate in China -Romania culture exchange, struggle to be a messager of two nations’ culture exchange.

International education is key work of our university’s international exchange career “twelf-five development plan”, it is important act and reflect of improve internationalization level of our university’s education and comprehensive teaching strength. Highly valuded and concretely guided by university’s leaders, our university has speeded up international student recruiting and educating process since 2011. So far, the number of degree students, short-term study students and short-term exchange students are about 40, they come from Germany, Gahna, Vietnam, Morocco etc 11 countries, and study in School of Froeign Language, School of Management, school fo Art Design and School of Electric etc.   

In order to make international student education and training work good, the university have held special conference several times to actively coordinate and promote the work, and set up international student administration office,povided it with formation and personnel safeguards; Each relevent college also attach importance on international student work, actively worked out a training plan and learning curriculum, arranged instructor and students assistant for each student. The international student edcuation and management work is on its stable way

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