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Jiangnan University, situated in the beautiful city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is one of China’s national key universities of the “211 Project” and functions directly under the Ministry of Education. The university dates back to 1902 when its predecessor, San Jiang Normal School, began its first term. The school became National Central University in 1928, then Nanjing University in 1949, Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1952, Wuxi Institute of Light Industry in 1958, Wuxi University of Light Industry in 1995, and finally Jiangnan University in 2001. More than a hundred years of development has brought Jiangnan University recognition from all levels of society as an excellent comprehensive university with disciplines including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, agriculture and education.


Currently there are 19400 undergraduates, 4600 graduate students and 400 international students studying on campus. The university consists of 18 schools offering 62 specialties for undergraduate studies. It is entitled to confer master degrees in 60 programs, and doctoral degrees in 21 programs. There are also 3 Post-doctor Research Stations open to the qualified PhD candidates both at home and abroad, namely Light Industry Technology & Engineering, Food Science & Technology and Control Theory & Engineering. In 2006, Jiangnan University successfully passed the national assessment for undergraduate education quality.


The faculty team consists of 1612 members including over 500 professors and associate professors as MS and PhD supervisors. Among them there is 1 academician of the China Academy of Engineering, 3 Cheung Kong Scholars, 1 National Outstanding Youth Foundation Winner and 22 nationally distinguished scholars. There are also two National Innovation Teams: the Industrial Fermentation and Bio-Catalysis Innovation Team, and the Food Processing Key Technology Research Innovation Team. These elite scholars have made great contributions to talent cultivation and scientific innovation.


The National key Lab of Food Science and Technology, approved by the Ministry of Science Technology, is the only one of its kind in China. In addition, 3 national or provincial engineering research centers and 7 key labs at ministerial or provincial level provide abundant resources and scientific achievement. National Innovation Teams make great contributions to the development of the university as well as the country. During the 10th Five Year Plan, Jiangnan University has undertaken 560 national or provincial key projects including “863 Projects”, “973 Projects”, the National Natural Science Fund (with research income of over 100 million RMB), and has received 78 national, ministerial or provincial awards including the National Technology Innovation Award 2nd Prize, and the National Science & Technology Progress Award 2nd Prize. Faculty members are engaged in both teaching and research. In 2006, 750 published research papers were indexed.  Among them 292 were SCI indexed. From 2001 to 2006, research works resulted in 2000 patent applications and more than 900 attained patents. Every year since 2003, at least 1 project has won the second place award for national S&T progress. At the national level, and in cooperation with local government, the University Science Park functions to transfer research results into industrial production. Jiangnan University has a very close relationship with industry. The board of trustee includes representatives of well-known enterprises, such as, Haier, Moutai Group, Tsingdao Brewery Group, P&G, Seagate, and Tayoi, all of whom have made major contributions to the development of the university and scholarships to students.


The university has long been active in international exchange and cooperation. It has accepted international students since the 1960s. Dozens of foreign scientists have been invited as visiting professors or adjunct professors and various international conferences have been held each year. Jiangnan University has established close relationships with 50 well known oversea universities, and has become one of the most important academic exchange platforms in the field of light industry, food science & technology, industrial design and textile technology.


The newly completed university campus, covering 208 hectares, is located by Lake Tai, a national scenic resort in the south of Wuxi. It was designed and built to demonstrate the concept of an “Eco-campus”, landscaped with beautiful greens, elegant gardens, unique bridges and tranquil streams. The picturesque campus, with state-of-the-art facilities, provides the university with a brand new stage from which to achieve fast, sustainable development in the near future.


"Learning and practice to perfection”, the school motto, sums up the values and code of conduct of both faculty and students. The motto expresses the university’s philosophy of imparting theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills; emphasizing accomplishments in the sciences as well as achievements in the humanities; seeking truth as well as pursuing excellence through innovation.


Jiangnan University, with its century of achievements in several key disciplines, is now striving for even greater success with the ultimate goal of becoming a high level comprehensive university of international reputation.


Welcome to study at Jiangnan University(江南大学)