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Wenzhou University is a local comprehensive university. The history of this university can be traced back to the Wenzhou Normal University founded in 1933. Till now, it has 76 years’ history of undergraduate education. Currently, it has 28,970 full time students, 2,280 teaching and administrative employees. 1422 of the employees are full-time teachers, of whom 187 are professors, 377 are associate professors, 185 are tutors of masters and doctors and 201 of them are provincial and municipal academic and technical leaders of the new century.


The total area of the university is 2,487 mu and the school building area is 1,058,000 square meters. The total value of the teaching and scientific research equipments is 260,000,000 yuan. There are 1,860,000 paper books in the library. Besides, this university has 65 scientific research institutions, 28 laboratories, 1 provincial level service platform of science and technical innovation, 1 provincial level key laboratory and 4 research centers for industry technology. In recent 3 years, it has gained 30 state-level scientific research projects including “863” and “973”, 113 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects. Since the tenth 5-year plan, it has won 23 various prizes.


Wenzhou University now has independent institutes- City College, Oujiang College and Institute of P.E. Besides, it has 18 basic colleges, such as commercial college, college of law and politics, college of education, school of foreign language, chemistry and material engineering college, international cooperation college, etc. Wenzhou University also has lots of secondary organs, such as Sino-Japan cultural exchange center, leather research center, Korean research center, nonlinear analysis research center, etc.


Currently, this university has 20 postgraduate programs, 48 undergraduate programs, 1 state-level construction center for characteristic specialty, 8 provincial level key specialties, etc. The undergraduate programs cover economics, law, education science, literature, history, natural science, engineering, management, etc. According to the result of the Chinese University Evaluation issued in 2007, 4 subjects of the university are among the top 100 of Chinese Universities. There 4 subjects are law, education, literature and science. 


Wenzhou University has the qualification to recruit overseas students. It was the first batch of Chinese education bases. Currently, it has established good exchange and cooperation relationships with many universities and scientific research institutions of over 10 countries, including U.S., U.K., Japan, Italy, Russia, Australia, etc. Besides, it cooperated with Burapha University to jointly establish the Confucius Institute.

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