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International Students Recruiting Regulations 

  Xi’an University of Science and Technology was initially established in 1958. It is a comprehensive university covering five academic disciplines as Science, Engineering, Management, Literal Arts and Law. The school now has four provincial nominated brand specialties and one state leveled brand specialty. The present enrollment of all kinds of students is about 20,000 and it has a powerful group of teachers and professors serving for the school. Quite honorably, the school had been officially recognized as the Model University and Garden Campus by the Government of Shaanxi Province.

  The Yanta Campus is located in the southern suburb of Xi’an City which enjoys an excellent reputation home and abroad for its rich historic background and glorious cultural heritage. It is only a few minutes’ walk to reach the world famous Tang Dynasty Building – the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and its large –scale- music- fountain- square. The Lintong campus stands in Lintong County where the eighth wonder of the world – the Army of Terra-Cotta-Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty are situated. It proves an ideal place to live and to learn Chinese culture and history in XUST.

1. Academic System

1) Undergraduate Degree Program:

  This program is a four-year study program and the length can prolong two more years if necessary. For those who complete credits ahead of schedule can obtain Degree Certificate according to the academic regulations.
2) None-degree Program: This program consists of three types of classes:
  (1) Chinese Language advanced training class.

  (2) Short-term Chinese Language training class: Spring Vocation Class, Autumn Semester Class, Summer Vocation Class, Golden-week Language Training Class.

  (3) Chinese Language study and Culture Enjoying and Traveling class: For this type of class, recruiting is available all the year round and the scale of the class can start from 10 students. The program length and traveling designs can be tailored on special requests.

2 . Students Suitable
  To all the international students and foreign people who hold a degree over
senior high level and have great interests in Chinese language and culture learning and in good health condition under age of 45. The HSK requirements for those who apply for a degree study, the initial level is C. Those who don’t have any Chinese learning experiences can start from preparatory course study

3. Application Procedures
1), For any foreign colleges, schools or groups, please contact directly with International Exchange and Cooperation Center of Xi’an University of Science and Technology.

2), For those individual applicants, “International Students’ Application Form’ can be obtained through mails and the completed forms should be returned to XUST two months before entrance time. After the application approved, the school will have the “Acceptance Letter “and “International Students Visa Application Form-- JW202 Form” mailed to the applicants. And the applicants will go through the formalities for visa to China in the Chinese Embassy in their country or region.

4. Program Arrangements

1)  Courses Arrangement

  Courses supplied for degree students:

★Courses set for the Chinese Language Major Students:
Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Linguistics, Introduction to Chinese Literature, Writing, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Chinese Modern Literature, Foreign Literature, Comparative Literature, Literature and Art Psychology, Introduction to Aesthetics, Philology, Culture of China and Foreign countries, Secretarial Science, Amenity of Public Relations , Chinese Calligraphy.

★Courses recommended for undergraduates and post graduates:
  Computer , Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture , Management, Communication, Geology, Environmental Protection, Applied Chemistry, Material Science, Civil Engineering, Electronic Commerce, Logistics, Software Engineering, Technology of Surveying and Controlling, Automation, Microelectronics, Law, English, Art Design, Industrial Design, Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism Administration, Humanities. 

Courses supplied for None-degree program students:

2), HSK Arrangement

★ HSK tests are to be arranged for four times every year during April, June, October and December in Xi’an Foreign Languages University. Those who are qualified will get their “Chinese Proficiency Certificates” issued officially by China National Chinese Language Proficiency Testing Committee.

3), Language Practice Arrangement
★ To have the Chinese culture and society better understood, tours to historical museums and scenic spots in and out of Shaanxi province will be offered every semester as language practice activities. Places are set as Yanan-the revolutionary holy place, the Emperor’s Tomb, Famen Temple, Qian Ling Mausoleum, the Army of Terra-Cotta-Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty, Xi’an Forest of Steles, the Bell Tower and the Shaanxi Historical Museum. The expenses will be covered half by the school.

5. Expenses

▲ Registration Fee:          RMB 320
▲ Deposit:                   RMB 500
▲ Management Fee:           RMB 500
▲ Teaching Material Fee:     RMB 480
▲ Tuition Fees( in US Dollars )

1 Undergraduates
$ 1750/year
2 Postgraduates
$ 2500/year
March, September
3 Doctorates
$ 2500/year
March, September
4 Advanced students
$700/term, $1400/year
March, September
5 Short-term students
To be placed in class
6 Golden week class
$190/7~10 days
April, May
7 Spring and Fall class
$300/4 weeks
March, September
8 SummerVacation class
Middle of June

 ▲Accommodation Fee

Room Facilities
Double Room
$ 5/bed/day
Rooms are equipped with kitchen, bathroom, heat, air conditioning, showering, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, telephone, internet access.
Single Room
$ 8/day

6, Enrollment Procedures

◆ Visa (X)
◆ Acceptance Letter issued by XUST
◆ 8 two-inches colored pictures
◆ Health Certificate (over one year stay)
◆ Registration formalities
◆ Residence Permit (RMB 400 within one year, RMB800 over one year) is to be done in Xi’an Police Office by the school but paid by the applicnt. The students can come by directly or can contact International Exchange and Cooperation Center of XUST in advance by phone, fax and emailing about their arriving time, flight number, train number and the school would be likely arranging to meet at the airport or train station.

7, Necessary Information

  The school location allows convenient buses( 606, 5 、609, 22) to train station, bank of China, commercial bank, post office and quite a few supermarkets and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Xi’an International Airport.

8, School Facilities

  The four seasons can be clearly enjoyed in Xi’an City and the weather condition is pleasant the year around for living, working and studying. The school has facilities including medical clinics, school bank, school mini shopping market, barbershop, basketball court, indoor tennis court, ping pang room and Chinese Kungfu room.

★ Chinese language reading, listening, speaking, writing, Audio-visual training, Basic Chinese Characters training, News, Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting. The international students will be divided into different language group on different Chinese language level. There are three types of the classes: primary, middle and advanced.

Welcome to study at Xi`an University of Science and Technology(西安科技大学)