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Accommodation & Transportation
In order to create a comfortable environment for international to study and live in the universities, Xi’an University of Science and Technology has tried its best to improve the conditions of every aspect.
Room Facilities
Double Room
$ 5/bed/day
Rooms are equipped with kitchen, bathroom, heat, air conditioning, showering, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, telephone, internet access.
Single Room
$ 8/day
The four seasons can be clearly enjoyed in Xi’an City and the weather condition is pleasant the year around for living, working and studying. The school has facilities including medical clinics, school bank, school mini shopping market, barbershop, basketball court, indoor tennis court, ping pang room and Chinese Kungfu room.
How to get to the university
The school location allows convenient buses( 606, 5 、609, 22) to train station, bank of China, commercial bank, post office and quite a few supermarkets and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Xi’an International Airport.

Welcome to study at Xi`an University of Science and Technology(西安科技大学)