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  Jiaxing University is home to 94 years of history and tradition. It is a provincial institution of higher learning authorized by the State Ministry of Education. It is located on South Lake – a famous and sacred place of the Revolution in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.
  Prof. Paul Ching-Wu Chu, President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and world famous physical scientist, has been appointed as honorary president of Jiaxing University. A number of famous Chinese experts and celebrities have been appointed as honorary professors of Jiaxing University. For example: Mr. Yu Guangyuan, a famous economist, Mr. Cheng Kaijia, who is both an academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a contributor to national research projects in atom and hydrogen bombs and in satellites.

  There are about 19,100 full-time students at present, and 1,400 or more faculty members -- 870 full-time teachers and 350 professors and associate professors. The University offers 38 undergraduate programs and 7 specialized higher education programs covering 8 disciplines of economics, management, engineering, science, liberal arts, medicine, law and education. The University has 10 colleges including the College of Economics, the College of Electro-mechanics Engineering. The College of Adult Education has enrolled 8,000 full-time students registered for undergraduate or specialized higher education courses. Nanhu College is a non-state-owned independent college offering undergraduate programs.

  Jiaxing University is composed of the Yuexiu Campus, the Liangling Campus and the Pinghu Campus occupying a total area of nearly 83.3 hectares and floor space of over 440,000 square meters. Designated as both a Campus of Civilization of Zhejiang Province and a Provincial Advanced Unit in Landscaping, the campus provides pleasant scenery and ambience with modern teaching buildings, libraries, gymnasiums and student flats on it. The University has established Economy and Management Experiment Center, Electro-mechanics Engineering Experiment Center, and other 7 experiment centers. Our libraries have over 1,100,000 paper volumes of which 980,000 volumes are electronic books with an addition of 2,500 or more Chinese and foreign journals. We also have two publications: Journal of Jiaxing University and Post of Jiaxing University.

  Jiaxing University adheres to the motto: “An upright staff working towards diligent and conscientious administration and education.” The University is further guided by a commitment to create a multi-disciplined and diverse learning environment with an emphasis on student learning and a dynamic education that is open to the world. Finally, the University upholds the following policy: “based in Jiaxing, facing Zhejiang, linking the line yet serving all fields.” The University makes every effort to deepen the education and teaching reforms and to raise the administration quality in order to cultivate advanced talents with strong application abilities.

  The University is very active in developing international exchange and cooperation in the field of higher education. It has established institutional collaborations with many universities and research institutions in the USA, Australia, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, the Ukraine and Germany. Teachers and scholars are also sent abroad annually for exploration, visiting and academic exchange. The University is also licensed to enroll foreign students and offer services to those students who aspire to continue their education overseas.

Welcome to study at Jiaxing University(嘉兴学院)