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Guangdong Conghua Hot Spring Resort (广东从化温泉度假区 )

category:Hot springs region:Guangzhou
Admission fee: CNY 118 per person

The serene, bucolic landscape that surrounds the resort offers a plethora of fresh air, green mountains, meandering streams.

Jiuhua Spa & Resort (九华山庄 )

category:Hot springs region:Beijing
Admission fee: CNY 300 per person

Jiuhua Spa & Resort is the nearest holiday inn away from the downtown.

Huaqing Hot Spring (华清池)

category:Hot springs region:Xian
Admission fee: CNY 70 (Mar. to Nov), CNY 40 (Dec. to Feb)

For centuries emperors had come here to bathe and enjoy the scenic beauty, and it has been a favorite spa since the Tang dynasty.