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urrounded by the flowing crags of the Golden Rooster Hill, Shandong University of Finance (SUF), recognized as a top institution in Shandong Province, enjoys an atmosphere both purely picturesque and highly academic.
     Shandong University of Finance is a university of higher learning mainly offering programs in finance and economics. The University is jointly established by Shandong Provincial Government and the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, and is co-administered by the central and local governments, with the latter assuming the chief responsibility of supervising its operations. The University was founded in 1986, the name of which was inscribed by the late Deng Xiaoping, the foremost architect of China’s reform and opening policy. As a state-run university, it is entitled to recruit students from all over the country and confer both undergraduate and graduate degrees with the endorsement of the Academic Degrees Appraisal Committee under the State Council.
 The University has at present approximately 1,000 teaching and administrative staff members. Among the 706 faculty members, there are 325 professors and associate professors, which accounts for 46% of the whole faculty. And the number of the teachers with advanced academic titles accounts for 71.7% of the whole faculty. The University boasts 1 expert with the title of Yong Intellectual with Eminent Contributions to the Nation, 8 experts enjoying Special Grants from the State Council as well as 4 others with the title of Leader of the Academic Field by the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, the University also boasts 4 members conferred with the title of Provincial Leading Talented Professional, 5 members with the title of Young Key Member in the relevant academic fields of all the universities in Shandong Province and 46 members conferred with the title of Leading Talented Professional and Leader of the Academic Field at the university’s level. The team of faculty members and scientific research are characterized by high academic credentials, a balanced academic distribution of both disciplines and faculty hierarchy, superior academic qualities, the integration of up-to-date information and greatest potential for higher achievement.

Welcome to study at Shandong University of Finance(山东财政学院)