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Ⅰ. International Students
1.  Undergraduate program students: Upon completion of 4-years’ required courses with satisfactory results, students will be conferred on with Bachelor’s degree.
2.  Postgraduate program students: Upon completion of 3-year courses with satisfactory results and pass thesis defense, students will be conferred on with the Master’s degree.
3.  Further study students:Students who have completed the required courses with satisfactory results will be awarded with the certificate.
4.  Chinese language program students: On acceptance of enrollment, students are placed in the appropriate class in accordance with their language level: beginners, elementary, intermediate or advanced; HSK test guidance course will be offered; If students have completed the courses with satisfactory results, they will be awarded with the certificate.
5.  Short-term Chinese language program students: study during summer or winter vacation; Students should be in groups of 10 or more people; mainly study modern Chinese language and culture; tour around the nearby places according to the requests;with certificates awarded upon completion.
. Specializations available
1. Majors for undergraduate program :
Economics, Statistics, Public Finance, Administration, , Management of Public Undertakings, Labor & Social Security, Finance, Insurance,Engineering Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Logistics management, Tourism Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and System, International Economy and Trade, English,Japanese,Law.
2. Majors for postgraduate program of Master's degree
Accounting, Public Finance, Finance and Banking, Political Economics, Enterprise Management, Statistics, International Trade and Economics, Applied Linguistics, Management and Engineering, Technical Economics and Administration.
3. Further-study Students:
Chinese Language, Business Chinese Language, all the majors for undergraduate program above
. Qualifications of Applicants
1.   Undergraduate students:
*Submit a high school diploma or certificate of the equivalent achievement
*HSK 3 grade or the same level in Chinese.
2.   Postgraduate students for Master's degree:
*Submit a certificate of Bachelor degree or certificate of the equivalent achievement
* 2 recommendations from 2 associate professors or professors
* HSK 6 grade or the equivalent level in Chinese.
3.   Further study Students:
* Anyone who is interested in studying at Shandong University of Finance.
* Submit a diploma of highest educational level or certificate of the equivalent achievement
. Admission Procedures
1.   Applicants must complete the form“Application Form for International Students Wishing to Study at Shandong University of Finance”, which is available, on inquiry, from the International Office of Shandong University of Finance.
2.   Applicants should submit the following documents with the completed Application Form:
*Academic credentials or certificate of the equivalent achievement
*School report
3.   Applicants who satisfy these entry requirements will get the Notice of Admission and the form JW202, which can be used to apply for student entry visa (X visa) at their nearest Chinese embassy.
.Application and Registration Time
1.   Undergraduate students: May 1—July 31 for application, Sept.1—Sept.15 for registration.
2.   Postgraduate students: March 1 ---June 30 for application, Sept.1—Sept.15 for registration
3.   further study students: May1---July 31 or December 1 –- January 31 the next year for application.
. Registration Procedures
1.   Check the visa;
2.   Provide health certificate (Applicants may have the physical exam in China after getting to the University);
3.   Provide 10 one-inch copies of recent photos;
4.   Pay tuition and residential fees.
. Fees
 1. Registration: ¥200.
 2. Books: ¥400 per year.
3. Tuition:
            (a) Undergraduate students: ¥13000 per year
(b) Postgraduate students for Master's degree: ¥16000per year
            (c) Further-study students: ¥12000 per year ,¥6500 half a year
(d)Tuition for short-term further-study students:¥2500 Four weeks or less
4. Accommodation cost:
 $7 each day for a standard single room (with bathroom, TV, air conditioner, telephone)
 $3.5 each day for each bed if two share a twin room (with bathroom, TV, air conditioner, telephone)

Welcome to study at Shandong University of Finance(山东财政学院)